Simply be yourself this summer. Featuring Simply be & #Simplybekini

Hi all!

I was lucky enough to join on to an incredible campaign lately from the ever wonderful – Simply Be. After all the kick off with a certain company trying to body shame us about out “beach” bodies Simply Be hit back with a wonderful message – ALL BODIES ARE BEACH BODIES.


I was kindly asked if I wanted to join in on this fantastic movement and was asked to pick a bikini of my choice. It took me a long time to decide from the tons they have in stock, but I finally decided on this retro style gingham print underwired bikini top with matching high waisted bikini bottoms. I chose this because as I am pregnant, I thought the cups would give me a lot of support and the pants would come up high enough to accommodate my growing bump. I sized up in the top as much as possible as I’m usually a 42GG cup and so I went for the 46-F which fit wonderful in the cup and still has a little space on the back for any growing. Again in the pants I sized up to a 26 for pregnancy comfort and I found these lovely and comfortable with space for baby to expand.


I absolutely love this bikini for so many reasons. Despite being pregnant with really swollen boobs (TMI sorry!) i feel completely comfortable and actually supported. I almost wish I could wear this as my everyday bra as it is THAT comfortable. Even Lois approves of it!


(Excuse the mess, I’m currently moving!)

I love the retro look to the bikini which is very much my style!


But mostly I love how good quality and how well made it is. I feel very much “in” and so comfortable in this suit which is a first for me. Usually I have some boob hang-out/extreme cleavage which makes me feel a bit self concious, The suit is very well made and I really can’t fault it and have no complaints. I’d love this style suit in tons of prints as like I said, it’s the first one I’ve found TRULY works for my body.

So here’s my beautiful #simplybekini beach body. I can’t wait to test this out at the beach and get some sun on my little white tummy when the summertime comes!

What will you be wearing this summer? Do you have an old favorite that you stick to will you be taking the plunge with a new suit this summer?

Let me know below!

Hannah xx

Doe A Deer – Featuring BBW Couture UK!

Hi all!

Apologies for the lack of post – I’ve been packing up my home ready for the big move and re-decorate starting from Friday! With my family growing, we’re desperate for more space and so we’re moving from our cramped 2 bedroom flat to a beautiful 3 bed terraced house with high ceilings, an actual dining room and a yard! I can’t wait to show you images of before/after and show you what and how I’m decorating. I’ve got loads of wonderful collaborations coming up and so my blog is going to be quite exciting over the next few weeks and so I can’t wait to share it all with you.

One brand I have been working with is independent brand BBW Couture who are a really great brand who bring forward affordable plus size fashion which is fr from boring! When I was offered a piece to review, I was spoiled for choice with all the beautiful clothing on offer, but ultimate settled on a beautiful Retro style dress. It took me a while to decide on a print, but really I just couldn’t say no to the cutesy deer print.


The dress wasn’t how I’d imagined. I had a similar dress to this in the past which was made of a slightly stiff cotton and wasn’t the most comfortable – this dress in comparison is made of a soft floaty material which felt lovely on my sensitive skin. The length was a great length on me and perfect for spring/summer when you don’t really want to wear tights or leggings. This dress is great for me because I sized up and so there is plenty of space for a growing bump to sit nestled under the beautiful deer print fabric. The only thing I had an issue with was the bust as my maternity bra’s come quite high so in the end I went without and pinned the dress just so I didn’t pop out!


I decided to clash prints with this dress and popped on this lovely pale pink/nude cardigan with tiny hearts printed on it. The hearts go with the hearts in the dress and the colour matches the colours in the dress well. I kept it neutral with a mid length brown wig and of course my beautiful flamingo handbag was hanging off my arm as ever. I wore this out shopping and then for dinner with Adam and his gran and had nothing but compliments! My mum even mentioned it on the phone the next day and said how lovely the dress was on me so it was definitely a winner!


Have a hilarious out-take of me having a fight with my dress in the wind! It still managed to cover my modesty regardless of the wind which was good!

I will definitely be purchasing from BBW Couture in the future. They have so many lovely clothes at such great prices – it’s nice to see Plus Size fashion at a more affordable price rather than having companies exploiting us and adding extra charges on for bigger sizes. I have my eye on a few more of their pieces including more of these stunning retro style dresses so watch this space!

Hannah x

You shouldn’t wear – #WeAreTheThey

Hi all!

Along with all the amazing work Debz has done with the creation and promotion of #WeAreTheThey, Debz has now set us a challenge to show that we should not have to “live by fashion rules” when you are plus size. Sometimes rules are made to be broken – and god knows will my wild, bright, clashing style I tend to break a few!

Everybody seems to believe that plus-sized people want to hide away and only wear super flattering clothes – and god forbid you show a little bit of VBO! With that in mind, I chose…You shouldn’t wear tight clothes!


I decided on this outfit I wore a few weeks back for Easter but didn’t post! The skirt is from Primark, and is white (another rule broken) with a watercolor style pattern and a mesh panel. The jumper is an oldie but firm favorite in a crop style from Simply Be which I’ve had so much wear out of but just keeps washing well and looking as perfect as when I first got it.


I teamed this outfit with mermaid hair clips and my peacock summer wig from the wonderful Geisha Wigs! I have altered mine by straightening and adding a Betty fringe as she was a little too long in the fringe for me and I’m glad I did because I love the finished look.


I wore this to family dinner and felt happy and comfortable. Here’s a rare picture of my wonderful partner Adam who sticks by me no matter what. He calls me beautiful and supports me no regardless what size I am, what I wear and how I choose to look. He looks after me makes sure that me and our unborn baby are well fed and happy. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.


I felt amazing in this outfit. I showed off my VBO and you know what, nothing happened. The world didn’t stop turning, planes didn’t fall from the sky and plagues of locusts didn’t appear. All that happened is that I had a smile on my face and felt good about myself. Oh and I certainly didn’t walk up to people in the street and try to recruit them to be “fat” or obese like myself. Why is it so hard for people to accept that plus size people just want to wear nice clothes and go about their day like everybody else without being picked at, humiliated and cruelly slated on national TV or being blamed for being a burden on the NHS. It’s time that we all stand together as human beings and accept each other for the different shapes and sizes that we come in. We need to stand beside our “straight” sized sisters and acknowledge and promote that beauty comes in all sizes and that we are all deserving of respect, love and most importantly – beautiful clothing!

Check out some other bloggers who are taking part in this challenge –

And make sure to get on instagram/twitter and check out the excellent #WeAreTheThey hashtag!!!!!

Hannah x

Putting my two pence in about Plus Size Wars, Jamelia and #WeAreTheThey

Hi All!

Some of you may be long followers of mine, and some of you may be new to my blog after seeing me on the show Plus Sized Wars. For those who are new, my name is Hannah and I write this blog about my life and the fabulous fat fashion that I wear along the way.

This week I had the privilege of being in the TV show Plus Sized Wars which looked into the Plus Size fashion industry and spoke to some of the leading brands who are bringing more and more fashionable and affordable garments for us plus sized people to wear so that we can feel excellent about ourselves. Contrary to popular belief, by providing us with beautiful clothing that actually fits our bodies – these companies aren’t normalizing obesity. All these brands are doing is creating an equal opportunity for everybody to be well dressed, feel good about themselves and actually have the basic human right of clothing!

Jamelia made a comment this week that “they” (apparently meaning under a size 6 and over a size 20) shouldn’t be able to shop on the high-street and should be made to feel uncomfortable when shopping for clothing. What a horrible horrible thing for somebody to say. So many people are quick to judge those who are overweight – god knows I’ve not had a positive doctors experience since I was about 13 because everything I’ve ever gone in with has somehow been linked back to my weight. The thing is, weight and health isn’t as simple as black and white – and it certainly isn’t as simple as fat = lazy and unhealthy and slim =  super active and healthy. In fact, there’s hundreds of greys in between, such as the people who gain or lose weight due to various medical conditions. I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum – plus size people living on salads and losing nothing and size zeroes who are desperate to gain weight and constantly eat fast food and don’t gain at all.

Thanks to Jamelia’s cruel words and the debate it sparked, fellow blogger Debz set up a hashtag called ‘#WeAreTheThey’ which blew up on Twitter and even got trending!


#WeAreTheThey shows the faces and bodies of those that Jamelia says should feel uncomfortable in stores who shouldn’t carry our sizes – but we are far from uncomfortable and far from ashamed. If anything, Jamelia has prompted an already strong community to come together even more and continue to build each other up and support each other – which I think is absolutely amazing. The #WeAreTheThey movement managed to get plenty of supportive press which was excellen and I hope Jamelia seriously thinks before she opens her mouth in the future.


We will not be bullied as a community. We have spent so long being told we are not good enough and have been treat as second class citizens for too long now – and why? because we are slightly larger than others, or because we have a few extra rolls?. It’s not a good enough reason to attempt to drag another person down and as a community – we will NOT stand for it.


Anyway back to Plus Sized Wars. I was SO nervous about being in the show, to the point I didn’t sleep the night before. I didn’t know if we were going to be painted in a positive or negative light and I just had this vision of being absolutely picked to shreads via twitter with hashtags being made about me and getting hate mail. Actually – It’s been the opposite for me! My followers on Instagram have almost doubled and I’ve had the sweetest, lovelies comments from people who watched the show and had also felt how I had previously. There has been so many people telling me that I made them tear up and get emotional when I spoke to Tess – and honestly I can’t even watch the scene without getting emotional again myself. Sitting back and being so honest and frank about what has happened to you is such a liberating thing, and to then meet a physical symbol of what has helped you pull through and become the person you are today is incredibly overwhelming; but also the best thing ever. I traveled for over 11 hours that day to and from Birmingham and I would honestly do it again because the sense of closure I managed to gain was so comforting.


Thank you so much everybody who has been supportive, kind, commented lovely things and been there for me. You are excellent.

As ever, thank you Tess for all you have done for young people like me.

Hannah x

Fit For A Pregnant Queen – Featuring Simply Be Gateshead

Hi all!

A few weeks ago now I was kindly invited to Simply Be to check out their Gateshead shop and to try on a mountain of beautiful clothes.I did a previous post which showed my mum at Simply Be and how I dressed her for a few occasions, however it’s now time for me to write up my experience of the day and show you some of the looks I pulled together with the help of Emma. Emma was an absolute gem on the day and helped both me and my mum tons. We could not of asked for a kinder, lovelier, more conscientious member of staff to be helping us. Emma you are a credit to Simply Be.

Some of the images you may of seen before, but as I said this will all be from my perspective now!


My outfit for the day was –

Jumper – Primark

Skirt – Primark

Coat – Evans

This outfit was built for warmth and bump comfort – but it was also really cute.




When we arrived at the store, I didn’t announce who we were as I wanted to have a look around and get a feel for the store myself first. The store isn’t the biggest Simply Be I’ve been in, however the layout is accessible and there’s a lot of product on offer. I finally introduced myself to Emma who gave me a massive warm welcome. Me and my mum then mentioned what we were looking for – her an outfit for a night out here which could be taken on holiday, and me something that I can get a lot of wear out of during my pregnancy which still looks smart.


My first try on was this beautiful Zig Zag Print Maxi.


Both me and my mum loved this dress on – and I ended up taking it home with me.I sized up and got a size 26 so this one is slightly big but there’s room for my bump to comfortably grow. The fabric is lovely – soft and flowing and the dress is super comfortable. It will definitely take me from spring, to summer and allow my bump to grow underneath.


Next we tried on the Joe Browns Brazilia Dress.


We both loved this dress. My mum went for a size 16 and downsized to a 14. I went for a size 24 which was a smidge too tight on the bust but nothing major. My mum ended up getting this dress which I absolutely loved on her.


Our next choice was a real let down size wise. I tried the Voodoo Vixen Connie Dress on in a size 4XL which didn’t fit at or or could get zipped! I’ve worn a 3XL and a 4XL in them previously with no issues but this dress was tiny and honestly didn’t make me feel good when the zipper wouldn’t go..

My mum tried on the Kelly Brook Lace Peplum in a size 16 and had to really squeeze into it. This dress is also tiny sizing. My mum also wasn’t a fan of the split up the front which was almost exposing her pants! These two were definite no go’s so we moved on.


Next I tried on this lovely red pleated skater dress which i’d tried on a few weeks ago and loved.


I loved everything about the dress, from the lace detailing, the vibrant colour and the flowing fabric – however it was a smidge too tight on my bust and I didn’t feel like I would get much pregnancy wear from it.


My next dress was the Lace Detail Swing Dress in Acid Yellow which I teamed with the stunning Checked Unlined Jacket.


To me this was a winning combination. The jacket I wore in a 24 and was perfect, it was so light and comfortable and a real great transitional jacket for spring time into early summer. The dress is was not a colour I would ever think of wearing, but I really loved the colour on me, and I loved how it popped against the checks. I’m wearing a 22 here which was just that little bit too small on my chest.


As the dress was small in a 22, I tried a 24 in the white just for size and it was perfect. I loved this dress with the coat and looking back – wish I’d of been brave enough to get it! I fell in love with this dress but the whiteness put me off as I’m such a mucky pup. Maybe i’ll keep my eye on it and purchase it soon – it really was a lovely dress.


Another beauty I’m sure i’ll be purchasing soon was the green floral jersey swing.


I wore a size 22 and everthing about the dress was just lovely. The colour popped, the print was fabulous, the cut out detail showed a little but not too much, great length on me, loved the sleeves and most importantly – the jersey meant that it would be a great bump friendly dress with a pair of leggings (I do love the Simply Be ones!).


Emma suggested that I try the dress with a denim jacket which my mum loved…but I just wasn’t sure. Maybe with cropped sleeves!


I also tried the jersey swing on in blue floral..


..but it just didn’t pop like that beautiful green – although I did really like this one too.


My last outfit wasn’t actually a dress! It contained the lovely check jacket of dreams from earlier, with some jersey peg leg trousers (which i’ll admit were too big for me as they only had a size 26) and a bright lemon waffle shell top which I tucked in. I loved this outfit and was very comfortable in it – despite the trousers drooping at the front and being too big! The colour clash worked well and it would be great for expanding bumps!


Me with the team!

Overall I had a wonderful time with the Simply Be team who were all so kind, caring and attentive to my needs. Emma kept me topped up with soft drinks – even letting me use her special cup which I appreciated. Both me and my mum had our eyes opened to just how many lovely lines there are out and how affordable and accessible Simply Be is becoming as a brand – some of the dresses I tried on were as little as £26 – which is excellent.

A massive thank you to the Gateshead staff for having me!

Hannah x