NUSNC14 – What I wore!

Hi all!

Sorry for the quiet this week, but as I mentioned previously I was at a conference Monday-Thursday! This has been my third in about 5 weeks…and I’m shattered. Conferences are absolutely draining, and some days all that keeps me going is getting a little glammed up on a night, or wearing a statement outfit. It’s hard really to get the balance right – most of these days run for 12 hours so you need to make sure that comfort is also a massive factor.

Monday – Sunflowergirl!

DSCN0137 DSCN0147On the Monday, I had to travel down to Liverpool and so I decided that comfort was key. It really was with this dress from ASOS Curve, which is sadly sold out in plus sizes. I got loads of compliments for my dress and wig and told I looked really bright – like a ray of sunshine, aww! I kept this look on all day and it easily went from day to evening dinner quite easily! My wig is Sunrise from Geisha wigs and is beautifully bright and wonderful.

Tuesday – Daisies!



Tuesday was my first official day of conference and I wanted to look cute, casual but still smart and so I wore my beautiful new daisy swing dress from Matalan. I love this dress for a few reasons. Firstly, it has pink in the centres which is unlike any other daisies I’ve seen on dresses! Also, this dress is super comfortable and has lovely half length sleeves. The dress itself was huge on me. I’m a 22, and the 20 was huge. I could of easily worn a 16. The 20 could easily fit a size 24! My wig is winter from Geisha Wigs!

Tuesday Night – Trashy pin-up

On Tuesday night, myself and my friends decided to get done up as trashy as possible! I decided to go for a trailer trash pin-up look and put on my AMAZING Collectif Dolores Sweetheart Gingham Doll Dress which gives me the most epicly amazing cleavage, which I then covered in gold glitter! I teamed this dress with my Damsel wig from Geisha Wigs which is the perfect pin-up style, some deep red lips and winged liner. Safe to say I got a lot of looks/compliments!

10153716_502635269843215_937137285622350930_n 1009998_502630666510342_2574547364503046888_n

Wednesday – On Wednesdays we wear pink!

To support my beautiful friend Amy’s campaign for Block, on Wednesday I promised to go all mean girls style and wear pink! I achieved this by wearing a lovely cropped oversized jumper from SimplyBe, an older shirt I have from ASOS with an origami style collar and the most incredible pastel pink PVC skirt!



The jumper was super comfy and had loads of room. It was also really cosy and warm and I didn’t need a jacket.The shirt I’ve had for forever and is HUGE.The skirt I sized up on and maybe could of done so again as sitting down was slightly awkward,but apart from that it fit like a dream and looked amazing on. My wig is from Geisha wigs and is Fawn.

Wednesday Night – Birthday Baldy

So with Thursday being my birthday, I decided wednesday was my birthday night out. I wore my DIY primark top and a pleather style skirt I grabbed in the sale for £5 at George. The skirt is a size 18 and fits like a glove and was comfortable all night. Yes I have a lot of VBO, but I just don’t care. Fuck shapewear – I am who I am!







I also decided to go wigless. I figured it would be warm and I just wanted to be warm and be able to enjoy my night!I did, and didn’t get back to the hotel till nearly six – oopsie!!!

Thursday – TEAM VYSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had another top to wear Thursday, but when the incredible Miki Vyse asked me to wear her tshirt to support her for block – how could I say no! Miki is such a passionate brilliant woman who has literally built her students’ union from rubble and has done so whilst taking absolute shit from wankers. She is my hero and my inspiration and so I was honoured to wear her tshirt.


image1xlI teamed the t-shirt with my denim button front dress which I’ve blogged about, which is getting so much wear lately due to the sheer comfort and how easy it is to throw on with a massive range of tops! I love it.

So yeah, thats what I wore at conference! Massive shout out to everybody who I met, those who I already knew and loved and all those who took their time and stuck their neck out to speak on stage or run for a position – apart from those from UKIP…you’re just wrong.



And finally, a MASSSIVE MASSSSSSSIVE shoutout to this absolute babe. Becca, you’re hilarious, brilliant, so clever and the most weird and wonderful human being I’ve ever met. Thanks for keeping me sane at the conference and for looking after me. You’re the best and I love you!