Plus North – What I Wore

 Hi all!

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend, help out at and model at an amazing plus sized fashion event called Plus North! I got up to so much that I’ve decided to split it into three posts – What I Wore, Who I Met and What I Did!

So this post focussed on the clothes I wore for the event!


As you can see, I didn’t travel light!


Luckily for me Plus North wasn’t too far away from me, just an hour and twenty minutes on the bus. I decided to wear my Scarlett & Jo 2 in 1 prom dress (previously reviewed here). This dress isn’t available anymore, however there’s a similar alternative online here. I chose to travel in this dress because it’s super comfortable but also really glam. I wore this with Plum Pastry



On the Friday evening, 24 of us babely bloggers headed to Cosmo’s, a world buffet style place which was lovely. I decided to pop on my Hell Bunny Claudia, trusty Primark T-bar heels and the beautiful Damsel from Geisha Wigs!


 I love the collar of this dress!


On the second day, and the first day of Plus North – I decided to wear this pleather bustier which I had handmade myself with some leftover fabric and trims. I wore it with a mesh cut out pencil skirt I grabbed off eBay for cheap and my beautiful boudoir style velvet kimono. This was taken as I was doing the breakfast dash and so I wasn’t made up here!


Fast forward a few hours, and here’s me with my face and wig (which is Sweet Tea) on – as well a an excellent necklace from Drown Soda.


For the second half of the day, I wore this beautiful smock dress from Simply Be which I actually wore to model on the catwalk. Simply Be kindly let me keep this dress and I’ve had it on a few times since as it’s great quality and looks beautiful dressed up and down in numerous different ways.


On the Saturday night I decided to wear my Lindy Bop Ophelia, which I have previously reviewed here.


I love this dress because it does wonders for my figure,and makes me look like a sexy, not so Mini Mouse.


It’s definitely a bust friendly dress! It pushes them up and out and really pops them on display! There was lots of boob grabbing at Plus North!


I wore this with Black Forest which went perfectly!


Thankfully I never had a heavy night of drinking on the Saturday, and so on Sunday I felt fresh and ready to go! The sun was out, and so Sunrise shone extra bright in the sun!


As I didn’t manage to get a shot on the Sunday of my dress, here is what I wore (photographed in a recent photo shoot by Peter Bradford). It’s a sequinned and beaded cream dress from ASOS which I call the Fairy dress! I wore this with my comfy holographic platforms from Primark which I love.

 So that’s the end of my post and what I wore! Keep your eye out for my next two Plus North posts!

Hannah x

Cutest breakfast in the land!

Hi all!

I never tend to blog about food on here, but yesterday morning I made a breakfast so cute and delicious – I just had to share!

Introducing – Breakfast cups!!! Baked in a muffin tin, these little cuties come out the shape of cupcakes but are full of breakfasty goodness! Now these may be a little bit of a fiddle to make, but they’re a really kitsch way to cook breakfast and would be perfect for special occasions or if you have guests.

You will need! -

6 eggs

6 slices of bacon

3 slices of bread

one deep muffin tin (wont work in a Yorkshire tin)

12 teaspoons grated cheese (or as much as you like)


Optional extras – 6 teaspoons of beans, cooked mushrooms, 6 small discs of black pudding – any of these will add a little extra. I went for beans as I had some leftover from the previous night.

Method! -

Pre heat your oven to 180!

Start by laying out your bread. Using the bottom of the muffin tin, stamp the shape into the bread so that each slice has 2 circles on it (giving you six). Cut these out using scissors and discard the crusts/feed them to the birds (or freeze them to make into breadcrumbs like I did). Place these discs in the bottom of each section in the muffin tin. With the excess bread, try to cut them into as straight strips as possible and use them to squish into the bottom around the disk so that it has a slight lip on the sides. This will be easier the fresher your bread is!

Once the tins have all had their bread base popped in, take the bacon and fry it lightly for around 3-4 minutes, and keep it flexible. Let this cool slightly and drain off any excess oil. Next, take the bacon and cut it diagonally into long strips and put these around the pan sides to create the sides of the cup. It’s okay to do this in strips as the egg will bind everything together. Use any leftover bacon bits and fill in the gaps – or stand and eat it like I did! Next add the optional extra (I chose beans, you don’t have to use anything) and the teaspoon of grated cheese. Finally, using a knife to crack the egg well (or crack it into a tub/silicone mould first for easiness) pop the egg into the cavity which is left. Top this with a sprinkle of salt and a dash of pepper.

To make life a lot easier, pop your muffin tin on top of a baking tray. This makes removing from the oven tons easier. Pop this into the oven for around 15 mins, or until the egg is fully white and cooked. Remove from the oven and top with another teaspoon of cheese and serve! I scoffed 3 of these for breakfast which was the perfect amount for me.

 These could easily be free on slimming world if you grilled the bacon first (only slightly) and used your healthy extras for the bread (brown) and cheese! They could also be done with quorn bacon for veggies!

Heres some images of how they turned out!


In the pan after the oven!


Perfect runny egg encased in bacon.


You can see they hold up on their own perfectly.


Topped with cheese!


My serving!

Hope you enjoyed this little food post from myself, and let me know if you try this recipe!

Hannah x

Which bra will be breast? – Featuring Curvy Kate.

Hi all!

At Plus North I met the lovely ladies at Curvy Kate who measured me (40-GG) and spoke to me about possibly stocking in my shop (should my business plan be accepted). I spent quite a long time talking to these ladies and they are absolutely lovely. I was fitted in two bras – the Portia and the Daily boost.


The daily boost was a gorgeous fit – so uplifting and supporting – however I wanted something other than black. Unfortunately they didn’t have anything else in my size, and so I’ve been looking online since I returned home and I have made quite the wishlist!

So here’s my fave picks from Curvy Kate! Unfortunately most of these don’t come in my size OR my sister size…but I can dream right?

carmen black carmen pink

The Carmen set available in Black/Boysenberry or Rose mix is my absolute favourite. Even though I would have to go to my sister size of a 38-H, it would be worth trying for such a stunning set! The lace is beautiful and I’m a sucker for long line sets. This would be amazing for up and coming shoots!

lola berry lola doll

The Lola, a favourite of my blogger mum Sarah now in the black/boysenberry colour-way is beautiful. I love the bra, but the babydoll is also stunning! These come in my usual size so I wouldn’t have to change to my sister size.

 ritzy blackalmond doll ritzy red

The Ritzy sets are stunning and I want them in every colour/style possible! The black/almond is classic, but the ruby/spice just has that sexy edge. Again in a bra or a beautiful babydoll!

 teasestarlet frost

Unfortunately these last two will never be! Only available up to a 38-G, it means my usual size of s 40GG or sister size of 38H just isn’t going to happen. This is a real shame because the Tease me black/gold is so beautiful, and there’s something so eyecatching about Starlet in Frost/Boysenberry.  Oh well – maybe one day!

I definitely have some food for thought here. Originally set on Lola, I may go a little crazy and try the Carmen instead.

What do you think? Which one should I try? Have you ordered from Curvy Kate previously and have a comment on the fit? Let me know below!

Hannah x

Depop – the new way to shop


Hi all!

Recently I have been using an app called depop to sell/buy clothes. Depop is like a cross between ebay and instagram and users can upload their items for sale,and then others can buy them or make offers and easily contact the seller to discuss items. I have sold quite a few items through depop now as I was having a huge clear out, and I still have some bits on there (fatcatsandtats) if you want to find me!

Another good feature of depop is being able to swap items with other people rather than purchasing. I was lucky to swap a dress for this big floppy hat which was brand new and which I almost bought for £28 the week before!


I wore it whilst in London and it helped keep me nice and cool in the heatwave and looked great with my outfit choices.


I also managed to get this babely lace dress for a bargain price. The dress is originally from South and fits like a glove. The slit neck gives a hint of cleavage without being too full on, and the lace sleeves make me feel super feminine and girly. I wore this out for dinner with my Mum, Mums lovely new boyfriend John and Adam after viewing premises for my new shop. I dressed it up with a Curve Clothing bag, Geisha Wigs Black Forest and my Primark T-bar heels which are wide fit and super comfy. They were a bargain at £12 too!


Black forest!


With John at the Purple Pig.

I’ve sold quite a lot on depop so if you have stuff gathering dust, why not give it a go!

Have you tried depop? Let me know below!

Hannah x

Reflection – TW Mental Health, Bullying, Self Harm.


Hi all!

I very rarely get deep on my blog. I’ve touched upon parts in the past but I tend to push things to the back of my mind and keep things to myself. People who meet me think that I’m a bubbly, confident, life of the party kind of person which is true – but I haven’t always been, and some days I do slip back to my old ways.

Growing up in a small town where everybody knew every bodies business is hard. It’s even harder when you’re fat, a “goth” and queer. I never really had any friends because those who were friends with me were targeted too, I didn’t feel like I could tell my parents what was fully happening at school and I spent a lot of time at home in my bedroom on my own hating myself. Being different from the other kids meant I was a massive target. I was jumped, spat at, kicked, punched, banished from P.E changing rooms, verbally abused and pushed out at every opportunity. The worst part was,when I retaliated it seemed like I was the one who was sent to be punished.

Coming out as queer (planned or not) in a school where people have it drummed into them that being anything but a circle peg is a nightmare. Unfortunately for me I didn’t have the luxury of coming out to a group of supporting friends – I was outed to what seemed like a tank full of flesh eating Piranha. These people looked for new ways daily to torture me – whether  it be following me home and hitting me with planks of wood, putting rubbish into my locker, holding me against walls and holding penknives and other weapons to my throat or just using me as a punching bag for a gang of people.

Growing up like this is horrible. It sucks up every single last drop of your self esteem until you are left with nothing. You are a shell that breathes and exists but nothing more. It feels like nothing will ever get better and you wonder why you even bother. Thats when I turned to various methods of self harming to make myself feel like I was in control.

When you have zero self esteem you start to do stupid things, like talking to boys online to try and get some semblance of self worth. Unfortunately this led to me being contacted by paedophiles twice who pretended they were teenage boys. One of these men were meeting up with girls and sexually abusing them with his friends. Thankfully I never met up with him, but I was still affected by the whole experience – once again feeling like I couldn’t trust anybody. Boys I met in person generally took advantage of my low self esteem and the fact that I was pretty much desperate to feel wanted. This meant that I did a lot of things I’m not particularly proud of to try and feel better about myself – and I ultimately ended up feeling a lot worse. Alcohol and drugs came next and going out all weekend trying to blot out how I really felt about myself and masking it with this “bubbly funny girl” act which I had adopted over the years. I would actually go out until 3AM, come home and set off for work at 6:30 on a Thursday morning, then do this again Thursday/Friday then go out Saturday too. It didn’t matter how tired I was – going out and being drunk and around people who were like me and wanted to spend time with me was addictive and it was the first time I ever felt like I fit in. Safe to say I lost jobs through this method because of how incredibly tired I was.

My late teenage years were a bubble. I tried to go out as much as possible to avoid being at home. Home was a war ground between my parents who very often used myself as a pawn in their games to get back at each other. I say my parents – it was my dad who pretty much used me and manipulated me against my poor mum. Again, queue spending time alone in ones bedroom trying to avoid the world as much as possible.

It’s crazy to think back as I’m writing this to think that this person was even me. I am so different to that confused little girl who just wanted to be loved that sometimes I don’t even believe that I am the same person. My road to recovery started with a website called Tumblr and finding out other people who felt the same/looked like me. I started posting pictures online,which I would agonise over for hours and often delete – however by taking these photos and forcing myself to look at my body for what it is is how I started to accept and love myself for exactly who I am. I grew a large following and grew confidence and support daily. My inbox would start to fill with messages from other people in my situation who had found me and had started their path to recovery inspired by me – which in turn boosted me even further.

And then I found Instagram, which again helped me to find other people just like myself, and with the “effyourbeautystandard” and “honoryourcurves” movements as well as a general acceptance for body positivity – Instagram became like a saving grace for me. This sounds so dramatic, but following others who were the same size, bigger, smaller and all positive about their bodies regardless of their hangups really boosted me and helped my confidence to grow into what it is today. With every new follower and every kind comment, a little bit more of me healed. With this new found confidence I started dressing better, enjoying fashion and clothing and being playful with my look and this again made me feel so much better about myself.

I started blogging on here just over a year ago because I saw other people doing it and thought – I could do that! What blogging has taught me is to really look at myself and realise that there is nothing wrong with me. What blogging has brought me is an incredibly tight knit and overwhelmingly supporting band of blogger babes I am lucky enough to call my friends and who accept me as part of their community. These people accept me for who I am and support me and my mental health problems every step of the way which is something I never thought I would find. I am truly blessed to be a part of their world.

I get messages daily about how I have inspired others and how much I have helped them to feel more confident/stop hating their bodies which is one of the most wonderful things I have ever received. This makes me so happy that I do what I do and it makes me realise that I have a reason to be here, and it is to spread the word of body positivity and to help other people who may not feel as confident/happy with their bodies to see that they are perfect just as they are.

If I could give one message out to anybody who has been where I have then it is this. Things can get better. You can learn to love yourself just as I have – and there are ALWAYS people out there who you can talk to, who will be there for you and will help you within your own personal journey. I’m always happy to answer any comments/emails/facebook messages that you may have, or even just have a chat! Take it from somebody who has suffered – you are not alone.

This post has been extremely hard for me to write, and I definitely couldn’t of written this a year or so ago. Apologies if any points are triggering to readers.

Please comment below if you’d like to talk further

Hannah x